Oak Grove has found that when at-risk youth experience the power of the Arts, amazing things can happen!  Children struggling with a history of child abuse, trauma, or depression can find healing, greater sense of confidence and self-esteem, and freedom from self-expression and positively connecting with others.  These experiences can help struggling youth move beyond their painful pasts to become healthy, productive, responsible adults.

Oak Grove utilize art and music within youth’s treatment plans and education.  Residential youth have the opportunity to participate in classes incorporating drawing, painting, song writing, music production, dance, and more!  Oak Grove youth have created many meaningful, fun and creative pieces of work.  Click and watch the video featured below to see Oak Grove’s Arts & Music Program in action!

The Arts & Music Program is possible thanks to the generous support of Oak Grove Mighty Circle Members.  To learn more or join the Mighty Oaks Circle click here.


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