Available to day students whose Individualized Education Programs (IEP) specify this level of care. A therapeutic program is provided with ongoing case management and crisis intervention as well as many opportunities for enrichment and elective activities. Students may attend school while maintaining their residence outside Oak Grove. These students may be transported by Oak Grove, at the discretion of the school district, and attend the full day of classes on the grounds. They are assigned a primary therapist who meets with them once a week individually, providing case management and counseling.


Available to day students whose IEPs specify the “Day Treatment” level of care in conjunction with their local education agencies. “Day Treatment” is a two hour block of therapeutic services provided after school by licensed clinical professionals, which includes an initial psychiatric assessment, ongoing medication management (as needed), group therapy three times per week, and participation in our Multi- family Group (Murrieta campus). Educational Workshops such as “Why Try” , ILS, WorkAbility Program, Recovery, 12 Step and other programming geared toward individual needs.


“Extended Day” is a two hour program provided after the regular school day offering specialized structured activities based on student need and the recommendation of the IEP team. Program options include social skills training, anger management groups, workability/vocational training, study skills, independent living skills, recreational activities, and computer lab.

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