Oak Grove offers an array of sports throughout the year including cross country, basketball, volleyball, soccer, track and field and co-ed softball. The Jack Weaver School’s “Mighty Oaks” sports teams are CIF members competing with other nonpublic schools through the Freedom League and have routinely made the playoffs.

The Sports & Recreation Program truly enriches the overall therapeutic experience for Oak Grove’s Residents and Students. The coaching staff emphasize leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork, and building character.  Participation in the program builds positive social interactions and increases self-esteem as they acquire new skills and develop physically and emotionally.


One example of how Oak Grove’s Sports & Recreation Program makes a difference is through James.  James (name changed to protect identity) came to Oak Grove Center from a local public school after failing multiple classes, truancy issues, and numerous violent and disruptive outbursts during classes.  He had never had the chance to participate in High School sports due to his behaviors.  James struggled with low self-esteem, substance abuse, and multiple suicide attempts.

Soon after entering Oak Grove, James decided to try Cross Country.  Thanks to support from The Running Center, Oak Grove supplied him with new running shoes (his first pair ever) and appropriate running clothing for the early morning runs.  Once he joined, James never missed a run!  He found that he loved participating on the Cross Country team.  As an older youth, he loved to encourage the younger kids and would run alongside them if they fell behind.  He found that he physically and emotionally felt better.  James began to feel more confident, which showed in his peer interactions and increase interest in socialization.

Combined with his therapy, the Sports & Recreation Program helped James achieve his treatment goals and eventually he was able to transition back into the Public School where he successfully graduated.

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