Oak Grove at the Ranch (OGR) is a California certified, WASC accredited nonpublic school operating under the umbrella of the Oak Grove Center. Established in 2006, OGR is located in Perris and, like the Murrieta campus, provides services to students with histories of chronic and severe social, emotional, behavioral, and academic challenges. The school is comprised of five classes serving students with emotional disturbance, learning disabilities, developmental disabilities, and autism. Students are transported daily to and from school either by facility vehicles, their families or residential care program, or by their home district. The program at OGR features the following components:

The school serves children and adolescents, ages 5 to 22 years, who are experiencing social, emotional, and behavior disorders, psychiatric disorders, neurological problems, and chronic medical problems, along with concurrent school problems, family dysfunction, and alcohol or substance abuse. The school is comprised of five self contained special day classes (SDC). Students are transported daily to and from school either by facility vehicles, their families or residential care program, or by their home district.

The educational program at OGR has the following components:

  • Day ProgramOGR offers nonpublic special education services, with program tracks including graduation / certificate of completion in conjunction with the home school district, GED, California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE), and vocational / transition. Additionally, the school offers Designated Instructional Services (DIS) including Speech and Language and Occupational Therapy, participation in community-based ROP, community college classes, WorkAbility, driver education, access to community-based activities, CIF sports, and partial-to-full mainstreaming. Students receive counseling on an as needed basis by a clinical therapist or student interns as well as ongoing case management.
  • Autism Services: A specially designed classroom provides services to elementary and middle school-aged children with autism, focusing on functional academics, ABA / behavioral intervention, communication skills, independent living skills, gross and fine motor development, and socialization.
  • Point and Phase System: A major component of the facility-wide program is the Point-Phase System, which is designed to provide students with ongoing and timely feedback on their progress, or areas that still need work. The system is designed to increase each student’s level of responsibility and self management, provide a menu of privileges and behavioral reinforcers, and maintain a safe and therapeutic milieu. The objectives of the Point-Phase System are aimed to improve self esteem, provide ongoing feedback regarding progress, provide a direct and tangible connection between behavior and program participation and the privileges or consequences received, assess the student’s ability to function independently as well as accept responsibility for their actions.
  • Case Management ServicesOGR offers individual case management, weekly meetings to review progress, and the availability of counseling on an as-needed basis provided by a licensed therapist or student interns. Additionally, Speech and OT are offered as DIS services through student IEPs. An equine therapy program is an option for student participation (see below). This allows students the opportunity to work on their social, emotional, and behavioral issues while working with a therapist and horses.
  • The individualized Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) program incorporates an experiential model that encourages children to interact with horses while processing their mental health issues in a safe, non-judgmental environment. The program is overseen by a licensed clinical therapist with specific training in EAP.
  • WorkAbilityOGR provides Transition Education as a critical part of the IEP process. Students who are 16 years of age or older are eligible to participate in vocational education and job placement through the WorkAbility program. OGR offers on-campus jobs as well as community-based work opportunities through a number of partnerships with local businesses.
  • California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) SportsOGR participates in varsity CIF sports as part of a team that also consists of students from the main campus in Murrieta. OGR is a member of the Freedom League, competing with other nonpublic school throughout Southern California in basketball, baseball / softball, and cross country / track and field.
  • Mainstreaming: A primary goal for students of OGR is to make the transition back to a public school classroom. Mainstreaming is a part of the IEP and Treatment Team processes, with the teams making the recommendation after reviewing progress in academics, behavior, and social / emotional appropriateness. Mainstreaming for high school students in grades 11 and 12 may also include attending classes at the local community college or participating in an off-campus ROPprogram.

OGR works diligently to enhance opportunities for community participation and service as well as parent participation. Activities have included ASB student government, 4-H club, annual School- wide Spelling Bee, Drumestra and Rock Band programs, Cultural Diversity Day, Winter/Holiday Programs showcasing Performing Arts presentations Celebration of cultural diversity. Additionally the school has cooperated with local community agencies to provide food, blankets, and warm clothing for homeless veterans.