Oak Grove Center looks forward to the opportunity to answer your questions and read your comments about our nonprofit residential, educational and treatment Center for children throughout California with psychological, emotional and behavioral problems and special needs. To get in touch with us please use one of the emails below. We look forward to hearing from you!






Oak Grove Center intake staff will provide information regarding all of the programs offered by Oak Grove Center, Oak Grove at the Ranch and Oak Grove in the Desert. Whether you represent a government agency, a managed care provider, are a medical professional or are a parent or family member of a child needing Oak Grove Center’s services, our admissions staff can help you identify and access the service you need.

Oak Grove accepts referrals from school districts; county departments of mental health, children and family services and probation; and managed care health providers. Additionally, physicians, psychotherapists, educators, caseworkers, parents and community-based programs, agencies, or individuals can make referrals. Our intake staff will help determine eligibility for programs as well as funding sources.

Families may apply for any of our services, from residential, partial hospitalization, nonpublic school day program, day treatment and extended day outpatient in any of the following ways:

• Telephone inquiries can be made Monday-Friday, 8:00am – 5:00pm

• For residential treatment: please call our Intake Coordinator at 951-677- 5599, ext. 2237

• For Partial Hospitalization or Day Program: please call our Day Program Director at 951-677- 5599, ext. 2277

• For Oak Grove at the Ranch: please call 951-238- 6022

• Email us at intake@oakgrovecenter.org

• By fax 951-698- 0461

• By letter of inquiry to Oak Grove Center 24275 Jefferson Ave Murrieta CA 92562