When you support Oak Grove Center and our gold standard of care, you provide opportunities for children and their families to rebuild their lives. Make a gift today to impact a child’s life forever

Annual Children’s Fund

Gifts to the Annual Children’s Fund demonstrate a strong belief in the mission and educational philosophy of Oak Grove.

  • Unrestricted gifts to Oak Grove enrich the program and narrows the gap between our costs and actual reimbursement
  • The Annual Children’s Fund supports every aspect of the program and touches every child.
  • Oak Grove is a nonprofit that depends on the generosity of donors to provide our children with more than the “basics” of room and board for our 24 hour residential population of troubled youth.
  • The Annual Children’s Fund ensures that our youth and children benefit from a therapeutic, enriched environment that provides opportunities in Arts, Science, Enrichment, Sports and Recreation, a Jobs Training Program and many other opportunities that enrich their lives and enhance their learning, growth and healing.
  • The Annual Children’s Fund provides assistance for our work with children with autism or other developmental disabilities in addition to our work with our special education population.
  • The Annual Children’s Fund helps underwrite Annual Special Events such as Prom, Grad Night, Awards Ceremonies, Graduation, Holiday Celebrations, End of the Season Sports Banquet and Specialized Independent Living Training

Gifts to the Annual Children’s Fund allow Oak Grove to rebuild the lives of at-risk children and their families through educating, healing, restoring relationships, building character and instilling hope”. “The work we do today builds a better tomorrow”

Planned Giving

We appreciate you holding our kids and programs close in your hearts. You can make a difference that impacts lives but also provides tax benefits for you. There are a number of planned giving options that could qualify you for estate and/or income tax benefits. These include:

  • Designation of Oak Grove as beneficiary of your will or trust.
  • Designation of Oak Grove as beneficiary of your life insurance policy.
  • Contributing to Oak Grove through a Charitable Trust.
  • Passing ownership of your home, while your retain residence, through a Retained Life Estate.
  • Designation of Oak Grove as recipient of a gift of appreciated stock or real estate.
  • Designation of Oak Grove as successor beneficiary on your qualified retirement plan.

You may also make fully deductible contributions by cash, check or credit card.

Oak Grove’s Board provides leadership and support in the area of planned giving.

For information on planned giving, please contact:
Tammy Wilson, CEO at 951-677-5599 ext 2259

Gifts of Stock

One way of supporting Oak Grove is by donating stock shares to Oak Grove Center.
Giving stock as a donation can greatly benefit both parties – The donor can avoid paying Capital Gains Tax and the total amount will still be eligible for a tax deduction. Donating shares from your stock portfolio is a simple transaction that can often be completed online, or by contacting your investments advisor. Transferring stock shares to Oak Grove’s Fidelity or Merrill Lynch investment accounts is simple, easy, and for a great cause! Contact us for more information or any questions. Thank you!

Matching Gifts

Many corporations now support non-profit organizations by matching employee contributions, either in full or at a specified percentage. These matching gifts can provide much-needed incremental financial support to Oak Grove, at no additional cost to the employee. If your company has a matching gifts program, be sure to request a matching gift form from the human resources or development department when making your donation to Oak Grove.

For information, please contact:
Kristi Piatkowski, Development Director, at 951-677-5599 ext. 2238

In-Kind Gifts

You can help Oak Grove reduce its operating expenses by contributing everyday items that would normally have to be purchased. Merchandise should be new or in excellent condition. Your donation of in kind gifts will be tax deductible.

For information on in-kind gifts, please contact:
Kristi Piatkowski, Development Director, at 951-677-5599 ext. 2238

Donate an auto, boat, yacht, truck, or RV to Oak Grove Center

Please DONATE that Auto, Boat, Yacht, Truck or RV that is no longer needed to Oak Grove Center. Receive the maximum legal tax deductions and possibly a partial cash payment. For more information about car, boat, RV and other property donations or to receive a “no obligation” evaluation of your potential vehicle or other donation CLICK HERE or please call Action Donation Services toll free: (866) 2-GIVING or (866) 244-8464. We pick up anywhere in the U.S.A.