Thank you to the amazing front line Essential Services Warriors who are going above and beyond!

Meet our Moment Heroes:

 Saul Garcia May 2 to 8    Thank you for your continuous support with the Students and Staff.  You are always engaging with the Students to help them stay on task and or get on task.  You also have excellent crisis management skills.  Your verbal interventions and calm demeanor prevents escalated situations.  You have shown leadership by ensuring staff ratio in the classrooms, checking timesheets throughout the week, learning how to send and track BERs, and assist with Treatment Teams. Your Teamwork, Leadership, and Diligence is appreciated. Thank You for being such an assent to the facility! 

Rico Stubbs May 2 to 8    Thank you for your willingness to assist throughout the campus while maintaining a calm demeanor and a positive attitude.  You have been instrumental with ensuring that the Program runs as smooth as possible by assisting with timesheets, breaks, and treatment teams, as well as learning how to send and track BERs. Your consistency and dedication is greatly appreciated. Thank You for everything you do! 

Erika Vasconcelos May 16-22  You were selected for the amazing job you did with the photographs at Rock the Oaks. Your professionalism, graciousness and attention to detail with ensuring all the sponsors and VIP’s were recognized is appreciated. We value your commitment to Oak Grove as well as adjusting your schedule during a busy week to be able to assist with this fundraiser. Thanks for all you do! With respect and gratitude.

Laurie Banks April 25- May   Not only does Laurie exhibit high levels of engagement with Residents on her caseload, she does so with immense compassion and through a calming approach. She is non-reactive and works tirelessly to meet Residents with in need and uses every opportunity to keep Dorm Staff in the loop and to provide coaching when possible. Laurie is responsive to notifications after hours and always asks for an update on the wellbeing of Staff who responded to any crisis.  The Residential Staff are grateful for Laurie’s leadership and positivity!!

Azaleya Scipio Bey   April 18-24   Azaleya has been a huge help to not only Dorm A but also assisting Dorm B in crisis situations. Azaleya ensures to make connections to Residents across the facility and not just on her assigned Dorm. In addition, we appreciate Azaleya’s willing to step in and Senior at any given moment when needed and go above and beyond not just to supervise Residents and oversee the shift but also in identify moments to guide, coach and support her co-workers. Thank you for your continued dedication to Oak Grove and the Residents we serve.

Steven Aripez  April 11-17 Steven went above and beyond with his participation in the Oak Grove Running Club. His leadership and planning enabled Oak Grove Residents to successfully train for multiple running events. Steven was flexible with his scheduling and took initiative to ensure Residents stayed healthy, focused and committed. His work with the Residents in the Running Club exemplifies Oak Grove’s values and has helped Residents help with their self-confidence and motivation. Steven also helped to go back during the run as a non-runner and made sure a Resident finished the race strong and with Staff support!! On behalf of Oak Grove, we would like to thank Steven for his outstanding work with the Residents and the Running Club.

Nicky Evans  April 4-10, Nicky is a Team Player, works well with a variety of Staff facility wide. Nicky ensures structure, accountability and ensuring there are  fun and fresh activities to keep the kids engaged. Nicky is willing to learning new things within the Program with a positive attitude. She is patient with a nurturing approach. We appreciate Nicky and all of her hard work she has put into Dorm B.

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