Thank you to the amazing front line Essential Services Warriors who are going above and beyond!

Meet our Moment Heroes:

May 24-30

Krystyna Soch

Krystyna, your representation of the Oak Grove Team is appreciated and continues to be recognized.  It is always rewarding when we hear a Parent express gratitude for the wonderful work that you do.  As a parent wrote, “I just wanted to email you this morning to say thank you. Our daughter woke up this morning in a such great mood and very big appetite. She said she slept really good and feels good today. Also she’s just talking my ear off like crazy about different things. It’s so amazing. It’s so nice to see her smile and laughing. I thought I would never experience it. I want to say thank you to you and the whole team at Oak Grove of what you are doing to help my daughter.” 

Lacy Lockhart

Lacy, Thank you for your creativity in groups/activities and your over achiever nature. We loved your involvement in the Cinco De Mayo Nacho event and Chopped competition. We really see the incredible, progressive changes happening on Dorm C with your involvement and connection with the kids. Thank you for your out of the box ideas and execution of them. Thank you for setting the standard and increasing the bar!

May 31 – June 6

Juan Monge

Thank you for your involvement in Running Club, the kids really enjoyed your participation and excitement. We also appreciate your creativity in creating healthy and appropriate challenges for the kids, running a soccer competition with them and modeling fun and play. The Program Coordinator appreciates your help and support in coaching and training on Dorm C and providing support in areas of need. Thank you for branching out and stepping outside of your comfort zone, we cannot wait to see more of it.

June 7-13

Amber Withey

Amber, your ability to build connections with our contract partners has been a game changer for us. We appreciate the time and energy you put in to ensuring our contacts understand and value our services. It could have been a scary time in some of the personal changes they have been making but your quick thinking and rapport helped our referral process thrive. Amber your leadership with some of our acute families has really helped staff grow and become better. Thank you for all you do to ensure the quality and growth or our Wraparound Program.

Melissa Schaefer

Thank you for your enthusiasm with running club, encouraging the kids in their goals and future endeavors. We appreciate your positive attitude on any dorm you work on, meeting each kid with their individual needs and your positive rapport building. We appreciate all that you bring to the table when you are here, thank you for meeting the moment and showing up for the kids.

June 14-20

Brianna Clark Galapir

You were selected for the Meeting the Moment HERO Award for June 14th-20th . During these unpredictable times, Brianna has met the moment on so many occasions. Brianna not only assisted with spear heading distance learning but she is also meeting with Staff and SRs providing training and coaching, supporting Rehab training and reviewing notes, and even taking on GRAD night with short notice. Her assistance with GRAD night decorations, theme, outdoor movie set up and overall execution not only provided the Residents with a unique high school experience but it turned out to be one of the best and most fun GRAD nights. The CEO commented on the fact that although some thought it would be remembered as the Pandemic Prom, it was actually the best Prom-Grad Night ever. Part of this is because the relationships are so strong and the activities so much fun! We are grateful for her level of engagement in the program and with the Residents, thank you for Meeting this Moment.

Tatiana Mamede

You were selected for the Meeting the Moment HERO Award for Tatiana has stepped up in so many ways in taking the lead on Distance Learning on Dorm A and completing treatment team reports for Residents. Tatiana was also present during our first virtual tour with Community Care Licensing. Although Tatiana was unaware of the tour, her professionalism and hard work was evident and exhibited the hard work our Staff do even when no one is looking! Tatiana has also supported the Residents on the morning runs, encouraging them to challenge themselves and push further each time. We appreciate all of her hard work and determination, thank you for Meeting the Moment ( even when you think no one is watching)!!

Laura Bayona

In the last few months, Laura has met the moment on so many occasions. We especially appreciate your leadership in coordinating the great lip sync video performance by the HR team. You are a great role model for team work, promoting fun and the pursuit of excellence in all you do. We value your dedication and commitment to the entire facility. Thank you!

June 21-27

Pam Shey

Pam, you continue to strive to ensure that our IOP and PHP Clients are successful. We appreciate your enthusiasm and dedication to the Groups. In addition, you have combine Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) with the therapeutic component of treatment to increase the client’s success. Your work never goes unnoticed with the enthusiasm that the Clients shows when they participate in your group and the “Thank You” note that was sent by a Client. Thanks for all you do to help make our program successful!

June 28 – July 4

Theresa Gonzales

Theresa you have been instrumental in our virtual transition during this unpresented time. We value that you join every virtual meeting with a smile on your face as well as a pleasant and positive attitude, this helps set the tone for those around you. Theresa we appreciate your effort to maintain connection with each of your workshop youth. For it is through these connections we have been able to identify and support youth with greater needs during this time. Theresa we appreciate the attention to detail you show when developing your virtual workshops, they are beyond engaging and informative.

July 12 -18

Anthony Ivey

Anthony is a strong addition to Dorm C. Not only has he built a strong/healthy rapport with the Resident on his core, he prioritizes checking in on all of the Residents and working to develop connections with them as well. Anthony has stepped into a Sub Senior role and has contributed to structure, relationships and consistency.  We appreciate Anthony’s heart and motivation to provide the boys with leadership and guidance. Anthony’s contribution to the running club has been fun and encouraging. Keep up the good work.

July 26 – Aug 1

John Larsen

John is part of the Education Department and is very involved with the STEAM projects and activities; taking an active role in problem solving any issues that arise.  John goes above and beyond even laying on his stomach to hold the broken pressure point so that the rocket launcher would work for the Students. The Residential Program Director would also like to appreciate John for continuing to be an active participant  in activities such as yoga and further strengthen supervision and accountability with Residents during PE times. Thank you John!


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