Thank you to the amazing front line Essential Services Warriors who are going above and beyond!

Meet our Moment Heroes:


Erick Montejo – You were selected as EOW for the tremendous job you did coordinating the many components required for the Evening Under the Oaks event. Your strong organizational skills and pre-planning made the day of the event run smoothly. Presentation of the auction items, as well as the table décor, was elegant and creative. You maintained a calm demeanor and positive attitude during the event, assisting with any issues that were presented. Thank you for your hard work and contributions to the event. You are appreciated!

Antonio Flores – Antonio never hesitates to help where the need is. Over this time period Antonio was called to Senior outside of his home Dorm on Saturday PM which is his scheduled day off. Antonio was a tremendous support to the Dorm A Staff and recently a Sub Senior commended Antonio for his continued support and stated “ I couldn’t do it without him”. We appreciate Antonio’s leadership and willingness to model flexibility and humility whenever the situation presents its. Additionally, with increased census and acuity Antonio is working closely with his Team and the Coordinator and Director to tighten things up and get back to the basics. He is an involved and active Leader who cares deeply about his team and the safety and well being of Residents and Staff.

Brianna Clark – Brianna continues to show up in a BIG way. Not only for the Residential team but campus wide. With our recent event “Evening Under the Oaks” Brianna showed strong coordination, supervision, team work, problem solving and most of all organization. Brianna is committed to everything she does, stays calm under pressure and maintains communication at all times. Thank you for all your support and helping this event to be fun and memorable!

Olivia Harbor – Olivia continues to step in and take the reigns when it comes to Miss Kimmie and our performance team.  With the Activity Lead out during this important time, Miss Olivia did not miss a beat from ordering and making costumes to ensuring performers arrived on time, remained focused, task-oriented and motivated Students/Residents to act as leaders and represent Oak Grove with the highest of standards. Miss Olivia’s commitment to the continued success of our performance team is greatly appreciated.

Emily Byers – Emily your passion and dedication to our youth, our program, and to Oak Grove is greatly appreciated. These last past weeks you went above and beyond to ensure a youth felt safe and secure in a very vital transition to our residential program.  The time and care you put in was highly valued by everyone involved from the dorms to her family.  We know the bond you have made with her as well as her family was strong enough for them to trust you in this vital time.  Thank you for all you do.


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