Thank you to the amazing front line Essential Services Warriors who are going above and beyond!

Meet our Moment Heroes:

 September 13 – 19

Sara Mestas

You have gone above and beyond, providing very effective treatment to a complicated new TriCare case, contributing to the exceptional reputation Oak Grove holds. We appreciate your dedication and persistence, especially given the challenges of COVID in providing effective treatment. We appreciate you, thank you!!

November 15 – 21

Will Jester  

Will has exhibited a very good response to feedback in the past few weeks. He has worked closely with the Director, Coordinator and SRII on training to improve overall approach with difficult Residents and has covered as the Dorm B sub senior on many occasions. Will has made last minute adjustments to his schedule and has picked up additional shifts to help fill in gaps in the schedule. He has operated with increased humility and communication and is a reliable Staff for Residents and co-workers.

November 22-28

Victoria Hernandez

Victoria has continued to make adjustments to her schedule to meet the needs of the Residential Program and specifically Dorm B. Victoria is always upbeat and maintains strong communication with others. She seeks feedback and is pro-active with questions regarding rules and expectations. Additionally, Victoria was the Sub-Senior assigned on the day of a recent Code Blue on Dorm B. Victoria’s swift response and adherence to policy ensured a safe environment for Residents and Staff in a very serious moment. Thank you for Meeting this Moment and always making the safety of others a priority!!!

November 29 – December 5

Azaleya Scipio-Bey

Azaleya has stepped in on several occasions and with short notice to cover shifts as the Sub-Senior on Dorm A. Not only has Azalyea exhibited increased accountability within Dorm A, she continues to offer support to other Dorms through check-in’s and maintaining communication. Azaleya has also played a pivotal role in communication between the Education department and Residential during distance learning days , thank you for Meeting this Moment your effort hasn’t gone unnoticed!!


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