Thank you to the amazing front line Essential Services Warriors who are going above and beyond!

Meet our Moment Heroes:

Rose Lepley

Thank you so much for stepping in and covering class cohorts when we have closures with such a positive attitude.  You are always so positive and go out of your way to help – all classes, all students, however needed.  I appreciated watching you working with a student in Classroom 15 during a District virtual tour.  You are always so patient and caring.  Thank you for being so flexible, available, and willing to step in whenever needed.  I also appreciate you being proactive in the organization and upkeep of the Library.

Amber Nicklas

Thank you so much for all you do to support the school program.  I appreciated your guidance and leadership in the implementation of Planbook.  Thank you for providing training to your colleagues and then helping to problem solve any issues that may have arisen.  I truly appreciate your “how can I help?” attitude.  Not only do you ask, but you mean it!!  You’re the best.  Keep up the great work!

Miona Price

Not only is Miona always willing to help and be a team player, she recently stepped in to support a youth being transported to the ER in another county. This not only required Miona to make the trip, but also required last minute adjustments to her schedule that had impacts beyond her commitment to Oak Grove. Miona made the necessary adjustments and even stayed beyond her requirement to ensure a smooth and safe transition. This was not only a strong reflection of her own willingness and commitment to safety and care but also a strong representation of Oak Grove’s commitment to Accountability, Restorative Relationships, Leadership and a Pursuit of excellence. Thank you for meeting this MOMENT!

Ana Negrete

Ana has continued to arrange her schedule to help strengthen other shifts. Several YSW’s and SR Staff have commented on Ana’s positive attitude and teamwork abilities. Ana is solution focused and has exhibited increased confidence specifically in her interactions with Dorm A Residents. Thank you for being flexible, keep up the good work!

Deborah Peralta

Deborah not only has the courage and confidence manage transportation needs for medical issues and Residents struggling behaviorally, but she also makes regular adjustments to her schedule to meet the needs of the program. Deborah we appreciate your hard work and initiative to take on responsibilities where others are hesitant to or unable. Thank YOU!

Gilbert Pelayo

Gilbert has stepped in recently, as well as on other occasions, to provide coverage to the Transportation Department. Gilbert has stepped outside of his comfort zone and exhibited true talent and problem solving. Gilbert manages and facilitates last minute transportation needs calmly and conducts frequent check-ins with SR Staff as well as eh Program Director and CEO to ensure operations are running smoothly and on time. Thank you for always being upbeat and positive and meeting this moment , especially during a holiday week!!

Jenavee Arreola

Jenavee has continued to demonstrate elevated levels of commitment to her role and responsibilities as the Dorm A Desk person as well as a YSW. She is able to quickly identify areas in need of support and takes the reigns. She promotes team work and maintains open communication with others. She is not afraid to address areas that impact the entire team and ultimately has played a vital role in keeping the AM shift running strong. Thank you for you increased efforts managing absences and attendance issues related to COVID-19. Your role is difficult and vital to the success of not only Dorm A but Dorms B and C as well. We appreciate all of your hard work, keep it up!

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