Thank you to the amazing front line Essential Services Warriors who are going above and beyond!

Meet our Moment Hereos:

March 22nd – 28th 

Terry Morrissey, Assistant to the Director of Education

Terry, your support of the students and school is immeasurable.  You always go above and beyond without complaint and solely to support our program.  Thank you for all you did in helping with the organization of the Distant Learning Curriculum.  Your help with this allowed us to ensure that our curriculum was able to be delivered to students on time.  I really appreciate you so much!  With respect and appreciation, Athene

Natalie Sisson, Senior Resource Staff Intervention Specialist

I am beyond proud of you for being the first person to receive this award. You truly are a Hero as you fearlessly rose to the occasion when another refused. You stayed focused on the needs of a youth in spite of a challenging time and went above and beyond at the end of a long day when I am sure you were ready to go home. THANK you for remembering that this is HIS home and providing the nurturing care that a prudent parent does and for your stand AND your assistance on so many things including helping with environmental. We appreciate you being an unsung hero. Thank you for transforming lives.

March 29th – April 4th  

Judy O’Barr, Teacher Jack Weaver School

Your YouTube channel is super adorable.  I appreciate you being so creative and doing whatever you can to engage your students in a meaningful way.  Your book reads and activities are great.  I love how you make connections with the story using items found in the book with the actual items.  I also appreciate you working with the COTA to incorporate OT strategies into the videos for the students to continue practicing these skills.  Thank you for all you are doing!

Ashley Adkins, Peer Mentor/Educational Assistant 

For your heroic response this past weekend, coming in when you had mid terms, operating in excellence to keep us safe clean AND supported and now have taken on Saturday and Sunday cleaning during this time. Talk about rising to the challenge. ! We appreciate you and salute you!! Beyond what 2 first wrote- You were Wonder Woman this past weekend. You give and give and show up in Love. Thank You for helping us Win This War!

April 5th-11th

Lazaro Cruz, Environmental Services Worker/Mechanic

Thank you for the creativity you have displayed over the past few weeks. Your commitment to ensuring that the Track for the kids has been completed is appreciated and valued.   Tammy so appreciates that you have literally been down in the mud, the rain, the sleet and despite all the drama we now have a great track! Start your engines!!

Sherice Moss, Senior Youth Support Worker

Thank you for your help to ensure Distance learning is running smoothly and kids are engaged in their group activities. We know that you are very family oriented and you are taking extra precautions to ensure you are keeping healthy distance from even family at this time to ensure the safety of yourself and Oak Grove.  We appreciate  your hard work and dedication to the kids and the Program.

Mariah Westlake, Senior Youth Support Worker 

Thank you for the creativity and engagement you have displayed over the past few weeks. Your calm approach has helped ease Staff and Resident worries/concern in these uncertain times. Thank you for making things fun and encouraging a new (temporary) normal on the dorm with the help of face masks, and your creative physical distance activities. Thank you!

April 12th-18th    

Kassy Hernandez,  Youth Support Worker 

Kassy has stepped in on multiple occasions to assist in the structure, consistency and overall reorganization on  Dorm C. Kassy has been the sub Senior on multiple occasions with a “get the job done” attitude and assisted in the execution of Distant Learning for all of Residential kids. We appreciate Kassy’s dedication, compassion and love she has for the boys. Thank you for setting the bar for Dorm C and helping us transform the Program in a continued positive direction and your willingness to roll with the constant changes we are all experiencing. Kassy has demonstrated “grace under fire” and outstanding work ethic and leadership when launching the Distance Learning Model with the boys. She is a strong role model and Hero during this time.

Kim Kinnick Jevas,  Teacher Oak Grove at the Ranch  

Ms. Kim, thank you for being creative in your approach to education for your students during the COVID-19 physical school closure.  The videos that you have posted have continued to get better and better with more emphasis on specific subject matter and content.  I appreciate you doing your best to make sure that the students can see a familiar face as part of their instruction.  Keep up the good work!
With Respect and Appreciation, Athene & Shannon

April 19th-25th

Tee McDaniel, Youth Support Worker 

Tee has been a great addition to Dorm C with her involvement in Running Club, and Group Activities on the Dorm. Thank you for having a positive attitude, follow through with the boys and teaching them how to be respectful. We appreciate your willingness to  come in early outside of your normal schedule to run with all of the kids. This is a great reflection of the level compassion, commitment and dedication you have to the Residents in our care.

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