Effective April 6, 2021 Sanctuary Palm Springs became a program of Oak Grove Center. This integration assures long-term growth and strengthens the Sanctuary’s ability to continue their mission as a Transitional Housing Program for Non-Minor Dependents (THP-NMD), specifically designed to meet the needs of the LGBTQ+ community foster youth transitioning to adulthood. The people behind Sanctuary Palm Springs and Oak Grove Center both envision a world where every child and young adult have an opportunity to realize their greatest potential toward becoming a self-sufficient and productive member of their community.

What is Sanctuary Palm Springs? 

Sanctuary Palm Springs is a Transitional Housing Program for Non-Minor Dependents (THP-NMD), specifically designed to meet the needs of the LGBTQ+ community of foster youth transitioning to adulthood.

What is Oak Grove Center?

Founded in 1989, Oak Grove Center is a nonprofit organization providing Residential Care, Education and Treatment Center services for at-risk and special needs youth.  Oak Grove Center has cared for thousands of children, youth, and families since it was established.  Over the past four years, Oak Grove in the Desert has been providing Wraparound services and Independent Living Skills Training (THRIVE) to foster youth, including residents of Sanctuary Palm Springs.  Oak Grove is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of ALL young people, including LGBTQ + youth, and are eager to partner with Sanctuary Palm Springs, continuing and expanding the mission.

Will Sanctuary continue to provide housing and supportive services to LGBTQ+ youth aging out of the foster care system?

Yes. Sanctuary’s mission to serve LGBTQ+ transition age foster youth will continue. The program will now be called Oak Grove Sanctuary Palm Springs and will be consistent with our current branding and identity. We will continue to stay true to our mission to prepare LGBTQ+ foster youth for a happy, productive, successful adulthood. Sanctuary Palm Springs will simply operate as a program of Oak Grove Center under Oak Grove’s California Department of Social Service’s license within Oak Grove’s 501c(3) corporate structure.

Why merge the two organizations?

With a broad program range, Oak Grove Center is a stable 30-year organization.  Sanctuary Palm Springs is a small organization with a successful, impactful program.  Funding for Sanctuary Palm Springs relied heavily on fundraising events. With the on-going Covid-19 pandemic event and gathering restrictions continuing, Sanctuary Palm Springs services were jeopardized. Merging Sanctuary Palm Springs with a larger, more established agency makes good financial and programmatic sense.

Future expansion will include the development of Scattered Sites with Supervised Independent Living Placements (SILP).  This program will transition Sanctuary Palm Springs’ residents and others that are ready and able to function more independently, and have learned essential life skills, into independent-living apartments.  The goal is to increase services that match the needs of LGBTQ+ young adults in need of housing with the appropriate level of support.

Additionally, Oak Grove is part of the California Alliance which advocates for the needs of foster youth, education, LGBTQ+ population and at-risk special needs population throughout California and provides support on political representation and equity issues.  Together, Oak Grove and Sanctuary Palm Springs will be able to make a greater impact in the LGBTQ+ transitioning foster youth population.


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