March 28, 2019

High Impact “Gearing Up For STEM” Mentor Protégé Workshops Brought Joy to At-Risk Students

Community Outreach Ministry a 501 C3 non-profit in Wildomar on March 20, 2019 with a team of mentors had the pleasure to conduct two “Gearing Up For STEM” Mentor Protege Workshops at Oak Grove Center in Murrieta to 30+ students ranging from Elementary to High School. Students had the opportunity to build robotic science kits improving basic assembly skill sets and dexterity enhancing the student’s knowledge and understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Here is what the Mentor’s had to say: “Robotics is creativity with a smile,” by Jacori Neal sophomore of Temescal Canyon High School and grandmother Marilyn Brown of Lake Elsinore. “It’s always enjoyable and rewarding to participate in the STEM Workshops as a mentor. Even though many times the students come from different backgrounds, such as special needs or behavior issues, that all goes right out the door at these workshops. It’s like a level playing field and they are all equally engaged and really enjoy themselves,” by Ed and Bryan Aguirre of Production Video Temecula. “Teaming up to make a difference,” by Jonay Cordeiro and Misty Elms of Wells Fargo on Central Avenue, Lake Elsinore. “Community Outreach Ministry created a highly impactful program that brought joy to the at-risk youth. Most importantly it sent an important endorsement of underplayed skill sets, teaching the Elementary, Middle and High school kids to assemble things together, work with screwdrivers, bolts, and teamwork. I am honored to have been part of this as a mentor to help guide these children with a bright future ahead of them,” Marc Ang Founder/President of Asian Industry B2B, Tustin. “Our time together with the students and staff was incredible, we loved it,” Dr. Mona and Bob Davies, co-founders Community Outreach Ministry.

Community Outreach Ministry welcomes invitations to take these “Gearing Up For STEM” Mentor Protege Workshops into community centers, schools, and churches, “giving at-risk kids a second chance to be winners and champions.” We also welcome donors to give online at or text DONATE CHAMPIONS TO 609-212-0627 to donate to Community Outreach Ministry. For details contact us at 951-698-7650 or

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